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What exactly is Spookmarklet?

Spookmarklet, as its name suggests, is an easily spookable bookmarklet. It hides (i.e. closes) whenever you try to talk to it by inputting something into its text field and clicking OK. As I am a noob at coding, especially Javascript, I drew my inspiration for this bookmarklet by studying the source code of JS.do's "Take Note" bookmarklet.

What do you do to play with Spookmarklet?

  1. Download the file "index.html" available under the downloads section.
  2. Click on the file to open it in your browser.
  3. Drag the blue hyperlink "Spookmarklet" into your bookmarks bar, click on it, type something into its text field, click OK and voila!
  4. If it closes on you, click on it again to re-open it and so on.

**Importantly, DO NOT click OK with the text field completely empty, refresh the webpage or re-open Spookmarklet in a new tab at any point during your play, as this will cause your progress to reset. Also, Spookmarklet only works if you click on it in a tab with an existing webpage displayed; it will not work in a blank new tab like the search engine home page you get when you open a new tab.

How is Spookmarklet related to the theme of Bookmarklet Jam #1?

  1. Spookmarklet is very hard to please.
  2. It is hard to master the art of patience to keep answering someone or something that (figuratively and literally in this case) closes off to you every time you try to talk to it.

But keep trying and don't give up! There is a way to satisfy Spookmarklet. Good luck!


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Cool small riddle game! Well done!


Hahaha thank you, am really glad you enjoyed it!! Did you manage to satisfy Spookmarklet in the end? xD


Yes i did :) but i had to think about for a while