A short story that I wrote a couple of years ago and recently decided to convert into a visual novel. It's about a shy little girl called Wei Ting, her struggles with social interaction and her first steps in opening up to people. Art hand-drawn by me (I tried a new art style this time) and audio used with credits to freesound.org.

Now for a few fun facts about the plant this tale is named after...
The mimosa, Mimosa pudica, is a plant in the legume family. Its compound leaves furl up when touched or shaken as a defense mechanism against herbivory and re-open after a few minutes. The flowers of the plant are either pink or purple. Like other legumes, mimosa plants have nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in their root nodules. These bacteria, as their name suggests, fix nitrogen, i.e. convert atmospheric nitrogen gas into ammonium ions which can be used by the plant as a source of nitrogen for protein synthesis. Here's a photograph of one taken by me:

Last but definitely not least, if you found my drawings of Wei Ting cute, here's a sticker pack you can add to your telegram: https://t.me/addstickers/mimosaWT :3


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