Welcome to the Land of the Lost and Found.

Travelers wander its dusty paths in search of the things they have lost. But  tarry not, for it is easy to forget what you were searching for. Alas, many have lost themselves amongst the dust motes, unable to remember their original purpose and unable to find the way out. Search thus with haste and purpose, and go whence you came.

As fickle and feeble as the flame of your heart may be, may you find that which you seek, and may the dust fall softly on you.

p.s. This is my first time using Mosi to create a game :) It is a very cute world-building tool that allows you to make tiles, sprites and even music! Even though I encountered some bugs with the "if" statements, it was still pretty fun and nifty to use. So, I recommend that you give Mosi a try if you ever want to build tiny worlds for your game.

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TagsExploration, mosi, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Sprites


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interesting game but I can't stop myself from thinking that maybe a lot more is accomplishable with mosi? still  amazing game, I loved the charming looks!

Hahaha yeah, there's so many possibilities in Mosi which make it so versatile :D Tqqq for the kind words tho!! 

really good game found a few glitches but other than that pretty fu

This is such a sweet game! I loved helping all the lost travellers, and wandering far from the dusty paths. :)

Thank you so much!! It was fun to work with Mosi ^^

So glad! :D