{Dust Bunny} is my first ever platform game created with GDevelop 5. I made it hoping to bring some cheer to everyone's lives amidst the current coronavirus outbreak and stay-home situation.

No complicated plot or unexpected twists here, but please help rescue the Dust Bunny babies! Along the way, do also enjoy the art (painstakingly hand-drawn by me) and read the level titles (maybe they form a message? *wink wink).

Playing time can be short or long depending on how much difficulty you have completing the levels. Cool gameplay mechanics include the ability to defy gravity heheh :3  

Last but definitely not least, credits to the artists of the audio files I've used in my game:
Vacuum2.wav by phatkatz4
Small_Adventurers.mp3 by ShadyDave
Cheery_Whistling.mp3 by Yin_Yang_Jake007
Squeal_Squeak_Thing.wav by Reitanna Seishin
Success_Fanfare_Trumpets.mp3 by FunWithSound

If you like my game and want to support me, do share it with your family and friends! :D ...and though I don't drink coffee, you can always buy me a Milo by donating any amount you wish~

Developer's Notes:

  • The game may take a while to load in the browser so please be patient :) If not, you can always download the game files (available for Windows and Mac) under the downloads section.
  • While playing each level, try not to randomly click the middle of the screen unless directed to, otherwise it may cause you to restart the level. Clicking the screen is okay in the prologue and epilogue sections though!
  • There's no pause or save feature, so try to complete the game in one sitting.


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game-windows.exe 83 MB
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