In case the graphics fail to load on, my game can be played at

My first Phaser game! Programmed from scratch after learning Javascript on Codecademy. Art is all hand-drawn by yours truly.

This is also my submission for the "Three days until Xmas Jam!". I decided to do a twist on the "Let it snow!" limitation, i.e. let it snow food 🥓🌽🍳, cos I wanted to dedicate this little game to my mum as a Christmas gift of sorts - she loves to cook and bake, thus the butter and various food ingredients. Hope you enjoy playing it too!


  • Don't get hit by the falling ingredients! Use the left & right arrow keys to make Butter slide across the pan.
  • Butter will shrink in size as time goes by, ending the game when it disappears from the pan. So, don't forget to press the spacebar to make Butter expand!
  • Log your high score in the comments section below :)

*This game is only playable on web browsers. It can't run on mobile phones.

Audio credits:
"sizzle.wav" - Butter Sizzling by hmoosher,
"tune.wav" - Light Tune ~ No. 1 by  Jamessi, 


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so cute!good game! i`m 2670 my score 

Thank you so much for playing heheh :) & congrats on your high score!!