A downloadable simulation

Death of a cell. Downfall of a city.

Playable at: http://bravitzlana.com/play/d79e1fa6-8cec-4974-9926-7e1de8227e39

Apoptosis is an interactive simulation I made while experimenting with Bravitzlana. It's a mini game engine for making small 3D landscapes with pixel blocks, somewhat like Minecraft.

  • Use wasd or the arrow keys to move around.
  • Right click and drag to rotate the camera.
  • Mouse-over parts of the scene and also click on them to get snippets of text - they will clue you in to what's going on.

As the blurb above suggests, this simulation draws parallels between a cell and a city, albeit with a rather bleak undertone... Nevertheless, I hope it manages to circumvent some of the technical jargon used in cellular biology and bring the world under the microscope closer to you. After all, such cells are the tiny units that make up your body so I think they are worth taking time to understand!

Though Bravitzlana does allow you to compose and attach short tunes to each object, I decided to make this simulation totally soundless so that it fit with the overall feel of post-apocalyptic desolation. I hope it provides space for a bit of somber reflection as you navigate through the scene...

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