5 seemingly random events culminate in your death.

Rewind time to uncover how they're interlinked, piece together the clues and change your actions to alter the outcome. The catch? You can only make up to 2 changes.

16 possible routes with varying outcomes. How long did you take to reach the happy end? And, which do you think is the best end? Do share with me in the comments below (though please hide spoilers so that other players can enjoy the gameplay experience first-hand)!

There are no images & no soundtracks in this game, only a black screen with text. It is best played in a quiet, dark room...

**This game contains dark themes. If you wish to view a list of trigger warnings, highlight the concealed text below. If not, avoid doing so as it may spoil the plot.

Arson, death, depression, gore, infanticide, suicide.


  1. Fixed bug where Boolean operators don't reset when player clicks try again.


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i couldn't find the happy ending in like 40 mins, and it's definitely bugged somehow with the window grill. It doesn't install it, even if i don't change it. Pretty good concept and presentation anyway. I've had 'fun'.

edit: guess after 'Try again' not all the bools are set back to default somehow. There are remaining changes from prev playthrough. Reloading the page, though, solves it.

Ohh I see - thank you so much for highlighting the issue & pointing out that reloading the page solves it! :) I think after the game jam ends, I’ll remove the try again buttons & update the game so that future players don’t experience this issue.

Found it, the 'happy' one. You did a great job, with simple mechanics. Thank you for the game.

I have found 5 bad and 2 sad endings. I haven't found a "happy end". Is it a bug?

But apart of that, I liked the idea of this game! It is something new to me: going back in time plus not linear plot. And everything is with your imagination. Impressive mix!

Nope, not a bug - there's definitely a happy end haha XD Hint, there are: 11 bad ends, 4 sad ends & 1 happy end. Keep on trying!
& thank you so much for your comments ^^

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And here I have to say that this game is a masterpiece!

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Hi :) Thank you so much for trying my game & for the feedback!!


Thanks for your advice! I think that previously I made a mistake somewhere. With your advice I finished the game. :) Thanks!

Yay, congratulations on completing the game! :D

Hey, there seems to be a bug: if i change my "grabbing something when running out of the apartment" and then proceed to not change anything else, the game thinks i also decided to NOT install window grills. There's no way for me to grab something & install window grills as far as I can tell.

It's dark, but I'm definitely trying to find the best ending!

Hmm that’s strange cos when I tested it, there definitely wasn’t a problem XD Hint: You’re only allowed to change up to 2 actions in each round of gameplay, so if you’ve changed “throw yourself off the building” & “grabbing something when running out of the apartment” already, then the game won’t allow you to change anything else & will proceed to resume time. Good luck!