You can't tell if your eyes are open.
You don't remember how you got here.
All you know is that around you, it's pitch black. Cold. Silent.

Then, a voice says ████
7 endings to attain - 6 circuitous, 1 truth. 
4 muddled memories to unlock.
All contribute to the story.
Can you piece everything together & find out what really happened?

**This game contains dark themes. If you wish to view a list of trigger warnings, highlight the concealed text below. If not, avoid doing so as it may spoil the plot.

Abuse, gore, violence, psychological disorders.

P.S. This is my first Twine game & also my first game release. Enjoy!


  1. Walkthrough released for fast finish & complete game experience under the Pitch Black discussion board (scroll below).
  2. Bug fixed, allowing you to unlock all 4 memories in one gameplay.